Autumn – the season of letting go

Published on 5 October 2021 at 14:17


Each season has its own special energy. Autumn stands for going with the flow and letting go. The leaves are changing colors and fall from the trees. Nature prepares to slow down for the winter season, before getting ready for the next cycle. This process we see around us, presented by nature, also encourages us to take it easy, slow down and look inside. To spend time taking care of ourselves on a physical, emotional and mental level.


 In TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine), the organs that belong to autumn are the Lungs and Large intestines. This is the season when these organs are the most vulnerable and hence, need proper protection and nourishment.


  • Lungs bring in fresh oxygen from the air and dispel toxins in the form of carbon dioxide to feed our organs and nourish our bloodstream. A strong Lung organ will keep external pathogens outside our body.
  • Large intestines are not only responsible to process all waste and release it from the body, but are related to releasing emotional and mental waste too.  


How can you support your body in this period?


  1.   By taking walks in the nearby park or forest. As much as 30 minutes walking a day can really help you to become more grounded, and it also stimulates the circulation of blood and Qi (life force energy). Try to focus on your breathing and take  long, deep breaths. Feel the crispy air slightly warming up as it passes your nostrils.


  1.   If you prefer doing breathing exercises at home, try this for 10 minutes: Take a breath in for the count of 5, then breathe out for the count of 5 and keep the air out for 5. Imagine that when you breathe in, your lungs are filled with fresh, clean air; and when you breathe out, you release everything that is no longer needed in your life. You can also use colors: imagine breathing in white, bright air; and breathing out grey, dark, heavy air.


  1.  Eat warming foods: This is the period when we start eating a lot less cooling foods, such as salads or other raw food and prefer meals with a longer cooking time. Soups are a good choice as well as stews and baked meals, including one or more of these ingredients:
  •       Sweet potato
  •       Potato
  •       Pumpkin
  •       Rice
  •       Cauliflower
  •       Broccoli
  •       Mushroom
  •       Ginger
  •       Basil
  •       Cabbage
  •       Onion
  •       Garlic
  •       Nuts and seeds
  •       Grapes
  •       Apples
  •       Pickles.


  1. You can protect yourself from cold and wind by wearing proper clothing. It is said that dressing according to the season can keep several diseases away. So wear shoes that are keeping your feet warm on those chilly mornings or rainy days, and cover your neck with a scarf when you go out for your walk.


And how about your environment?


Letting go and clean up also relates to the environment: This is the best time to go through your closets and storage space.

  • Is  what’s in there is still serving you?
  • Are those items still good for another round? Can they be donated?
  • Do they need to be thrown away and recycled?

When you are able to let go of certain unused things, it can create the space for something new. Make sure to also check your kitchen. Are there any products that are expired because they were forgotten in the back of the cupboard?

Be warned: this process can provide you with a sense of contentment and satisfaction😊


I am happy to support your process of "cleaning up and letting go" via different types of reflexology sessions. Whether you want to focus on detoxing your body, or strengthening your immune system, feel free to get in touch for more info or to book an appointment. 


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