Breathing. Essential for life. So simple and yet so complicated at times. 

Many people are unable to find a way to put the brakes on stress. Chronic low-level stress keep the glands that produce stress hormones, constantly simulated. On the long run, this has a negative effect on your overall health. 

When you are stressed, your breathing becomes short and shallow, and the diaphragm is not used. The majority of people consider this as normal breathing and do not even think something can be done different. 


So let's take a look into the world of your breath and how it can influences your whole body, especially your


­čî▒Nervous System: A bridge to tranquility, guiding you away from the chaos of everyday life.

­čî▒Cardiovascular System: A harmonious connection between your breath and heart contributes to overall cardiovascular health.

­čî▒ Endocrine System: Positively influenced by a balanced release of hormones

­čî▒Digestive System: A catalyst for a well-nourished body, helping in digestion and nutrient absorption.

­čî▒Immune System: Strengthening your body's defenses, empowering you to face life's challenges.


The way you breathe either has a stimulating and activating, or a calming and relaxing effect.


Strong and deep breathing techniques (in which you are in a way hyperventilating) are very powerful for activating, resetting and unblocking the mind, energy and emotional system. These will activate our sympathetic nervous system.

Slow & calm breathing techniques will induce a state of deep relaxation combined with high concentration and are very beneficial for meditation. Slow breathing calms down the nervous system, optimizes the heart rate and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.


I invite you to experience the many benefits of intentional breathing techniques:

­čÄ»Reduced feelings of stress

­čÄ»Optimal O2 and CO2 exchange in the body

­čÄ»Improved sleep

­čÄ»Better emotional balance

­čÄ»Hydrated body

­čÄ»Enhanced focus & concentration

­čÄ»Improved blood flow through the internal organs, as the movement of the diaphragm is massaging them


To enhance the effects of my reflexology treatments, I completed a breathwork instructor course so that I can better support my clients. By demonstrating specific techniques that can either energize or relax them, they can actively participate in further improving their health between sessions. 

I do realize that it can be challenging to combine reflexology and other techniques in regular-length sessions. This is why I decided to offer extended / combined sessions. I invite you to discover the profound effect of different breathing techniques together with me.


At the moment I offer breathwork together with reflexology in the form of 70 min extended sessions where we spend half of the time with breathwork and the other half with reflexology. 

In case you are interested in full-hour (online) breathwork sessions  or sessions for groups, please get in touch via email or WhatsApp to discuss what is possible.