Preventive treatments*

Treat yourself to a regular “maintenance session” and feel good in your skin. Why would you need to feel sick before deciding to visit? 


Are you eating well, exercising regularly, meditating and doing other things to take care of your body and mind? A monthly reflexology treatment is a valuable addition to support you in maintaining optimal health.


Reflexology enhances your well-being by:

  • Activating the self-healing mechanism of the body
  • Improving the blood- and energy flow 
  • Positively influencing the nervous system
  • Contributing to deep relaxation
  • Supporting the removal of waste products and the quicker absorption of nutrients


Whether you choose for an energizing treatment, or, on the contrary, a soothing and relaxing one, your body will thank you for taking the time to take care of yourself.


* Preventive/relax treatments are not applicable for compensations with health insurance companies.

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