Baby reflexology for parents*


Regular massage of your baby’s feet strengthens the special bond between parent and child, calms the baby, and helps to strengthen their immune system. Babies and young children are incredibly responsive to reflexology.

Most babies love having their feet touched, so this is a wonderful way to soothe them and improve their health. It can be done in just five minutes and the techniques can also be used with older children and even adults. The areas that you learn to massage, are the same on every foot, only the size of the foot will be growing with time. 😊


Baby reflexology can bring relief in case of

-  Restlessness

-  Sleeping problems

-  Cramps of the belly

-  Reflux or stomach ache

-  Constipation

-  Teething pain

-  Ear/eye problems

The massage is done on the feet, with a light and firm touch of the thumb and the fingers. It can be done at any time and any place, since you only need to take off the socks (or not even that)😊


For whom?

For parents, grandparents who would like to connect more with their baby and help with different complaints of their little one. The best time to learn these techniques is when the baby is between 1-11 months old. Later on, babies tend to become (a bit) more active and so, learning and applying the techniques may become more tricky. Once learned though, reflexology can become part of the bedtime routine and can be applied to older children too.


How many sessions are needed?

We will go through the theory and the different techniques in 2 sessions, each approx. 1 hour. There will be time to practice the techniques as well.


Location: Westerdok 808 (at the practice). 


The following techniques will be shared:

  1.     Calm and relaxed baby - Techniques for better sleep and calming your little one
  2.     Easing the cramps - Techniques to treat digestion issues, constipation, cramps, etc.
  3.     Clear lungs – soft skin - Techniques to help with asthma, relieve eczema, diaper rash, etc
  4.     Strong and healthy baby - Techniques for strengthening the immune system, relieve symptoms of cold
  5.     Other baby troubles - Techniques to relieve earache, eye problems, or toothache

Afterward, you are can simply adjust the massage to your baby’s needs at your own discretion.


Investment for (semi) private workshops: See pricelist for updated info.

The price includes a syllabus with all information incl. foot charts for each treatment (this will be shared by email), and a bottle of grapeseed oil so you can immediately start the daily massages with your little one.

Note: Please take a towel, extra diaper, and something to drink/eat for the baby. If your baby would like to eat, drink or sleep during the sessions, it is no problem. (I always have a doll with me that can be used to practice on as well.)

* Please note that "Baby reflexology for parents" is not applicable for compensations with health insurance companies.

To book the 2 sessions for 2 consecutive weeks at a convenient time, please get in touch by email or WhatsApp/phone call.