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Are you ready for a footreflex massage? You can easily make a reservation online by choosing the date that fits you best. 


For specific complaints, I suggest to schedule a number of treatments. Depending on the personal situation, we will evaluate the frequency and number of treatments needed.

While some people experience an improvement in their condition after 1-2 treatments, it is normal to go through several sessions before seeing a bigger impact.

In general, around 5-6 weekly or bi-weekly treatments would be sufficient to handle most of the complaints with success. To keep the achieved results long term, you can choose to come along once every 4-6 weeks. In the end it is better and easier  to prevent than cure. 


In case you are looking for a treatment at your home, check my contacts at the bottom of this page and send me a message. We will find a date that is suitable.



Make an appointment here for the Amsterdam location. You will immediately receive an email confirmation.

Address: Westerdok 808.

Open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


You can book your appointment for Purmerend here. You will immediately receive an email confirmation.

Address: Wonderfontein 48.

Open on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

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