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Are you ready for a footreflex massage? You can easily make a reservation online by choosing the date that fits you best. 


For specific complaints, I suggest to schedule a number of treatments. Depending on the personal situation, we will evaluate the frequency and number of treatments needed.

While some people experience an improvement in their condition after 1-2 treatments, it is normal to go through several sessions before seeing a bigger impact.

In general, around 5-6 weekly or bi-weekly treatments would be sufficient to handle most of the complaints with success. To keep the achieved results long term, you can choose to come along once every 4-6 weeks. In the end it is better and easier  to prevent than cure. Chronic complaints that one has struggled with for several years already, usually require more treatments (at least 10 visits are recommended).



Make an appointment here for the Amsterdam location. You will immediately receive an email confirmation.

Address: Westerdok 808.

Open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Purmerend - Women only

You can book your appointment for Purmerend here. You will immediately receive an email confirmation.

Address: Wonderfontein 48.

Open on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

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