Get back in balance with reflexology

Let me ask you a few questions first. Do you often

  • suffer from (tension) headaches that seem to appear randomly and can ruin your whole day?
  • wake up feeling tired and cannot function until you had at least one huge cup of coffee?
  • feel muscle tension or back pain after a long day of sitting behind your desk, realizing you had no time to stretch or relax in between meetings?
  • have sleepless nights, because you worry about your next day or because your mind cannot settle for another reason?
  • have an upset stomach or bloated feeling after a nice dinner with friends and family?
  • experience specific complaints that you have been trying to ignore for too long?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, read further on how reflexology can help you.

I am a FootreflexPlus™ therapist, and I am combining the healing effects of two different techniques that allow the treatments to become more efficient, so results can be reached sooner.

  • Western reflexology that is particularly suited to accurately treat certain areas of the foot by the thumb, and 
  • Chinese reflexology, using gliding techniques and treating not only the reflex points on the foot but also meridians and acupressure points up to the knee.

Also other methods (energy work via the feet to balance meridians and chakras, ear stimulation, hand reflexology, etc.) can be used to complete the treatments, with the aim to reduce your complaints.

reflexology amsterdam

Reflexology is beneficial for


Hormonal balance

Stronger immune system

Deep relaxation

Flexibility of spine

Boosting the circulation

Holistic (overall) wellness

Healthy digestion

Balanced lymphatic system

reflexologie amsterdam sole in balance

Please consider that reflexology is a holistic type of therapy where your participation in the healing process is also needed. According to the principles of naturopathy, the body has the ability of self-healing. Reflexology will help to restore this ability by

starting a detoxifying processes in your body for successful elimination of waste products

focusing on the underlying cause of an illness and not (only) on the symptoms

treating the whole person, not only the physical body 

Testimonials from happy clients

sole in balance reflexology amsterdam

"Due to burnout, I've struggled with sharp headaches and high blood pressure for months. It made me less productive and physically active.
I've decided to try foot reflexology with Adrienn, and it was just the right decision. After a few sessions, my headaches were gone, and my blood pressure is almost on the right level. Overall, I feel less anxious and stressed. My focus is back to normal, and I am ready to get my business started.
I highly recommend a session with Adrienn as she is knowledgeable, extensive, patient and knows what's best for her clients. She has a high work ethic, so I trust her!
Definitely, I will continue with the treatment."


Anna G. Coaching, Amsterdam

"It was my first pregnancy and around the due date, the excitement of waiting for the miracle caused some sleepless nights. Therefore, the relaxing foot reflexology massage was really helpful to calm down and sleep better at night.

I liked the nice and friendly atmosphere created by Adrienn and appreciated her personalized approach which is valuable during pregnancy time. I am curious to try a different type of massage and will definitely come back."

Nina, Almere

treat complaints via the feet
your foot is the map to your body

"I have had a few foot reflex massages with Adrienn and after each session I felt more relaxed and calm. The massages helped me to reduce tension, improved my sleep and overall well-being. Adrienn is caring and professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Juta, Amsterdam

"As a mother of two small kids and working in a high-pressure job you can only imagine the tension in my body and mind. This has kept me awake at night a few times per week. During the treatment, Adrienn has made me feel comfortable and has pressed the right points to revitalize my body.

She was very attentive to my reactions when I felt a certain point more than others. I have felt deeply relaxed and had the best night’s sleep afterward. I am looking forward to more sessions for myself."

Hajnalka, Ouderkerk 

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