Dealing with stress complaints


Our everyday lives are filled with events and happenings. Some we do have some sort of control over, while others are surprising and uncontrollable. We can deal with a certain amount of stress, which should be a normal reaction to a challenge. Sometimes you experience positive stress. When you prepare for your holidays or a birthday party for instance.


When you experience lots of negative stress that lasts longer than 6 weeks, your body is in a constant “fight or flight” mode and you may face one or more of these changes:


  • In your body: headaches, tiredness, easily catching a cold, nausea, heaviness in the chest
  • In your emotions: anxiety, self-doubt, feeling lonely, being irritated, apathy
  • In your behavior: insomnia, more drinking or smoking, unhealthy diet
  • In your mind: concentration and memory problems, indecisiveness, lack of interest in anything


If you recognize some of the above-mentioned symptoms in yourself, this may be the right time to take action. If these symptoms are ignored for a long period of time, chronic tiredness or burnout can be the result. 


How can I help you?


With a tailored treatment plan, we will activate the self-healing processes of your body and help it recover and experience deep relaxation. 

I will also assist you with additional advice that can put you back on track.