My story...

Hi there! I am Adrienn, your dedicated reflexology therapist to bring your sole (and soul) in balance. Originally from Hungary, I've been calling the Netherlands home since 2008.


Having spent years navigating the corporate world, I began to question if I was truly on the right path. A persistent sense of something missing prompted my journey into complementary therapies, seeking more direct ways to assist people in achieving and maintaining optimal health. In a world often focused on treating symptoms rather than uncovering root causes, I realized the importance of preventative care—a concept often overlooked in our fast-paced lives.


My journey led me to the transformative world of reflexology. Intrigued by its potential, I decided to undertake a 4-year education to become a certified reflexology therapist. Throughout this transformative period, my family, including my supportive husband and my young child, stood by my side, reinforcing my commitment to this holistic approach.


In 2020, I completed my studies at Total Health Academy and made the bold decision to leave my corporate role, fully dedicating myself to reflexology. My expertise extends to specialized reflexology for pregnant women, as well as treatments to provide support with auto-immune diseases, and treatments focused on hormonal balance and fertility.


Whether you're navigating the challenges of a busy life or seeking a holistic approach to well-being, I invite you to explore the benefits of my practice. 

sole in balance reflexology treatments

For more information on the specific treatments, feel free to visit the Reflexology menu to find out how we can work together on your health.

If you are interested to read more, here is  link to an interview that my friend and coach Anna Kmetova made with me quite at the beginning of my reflexology journey.


Recently, I was also the guest of Anna G. Coaching, and we talked about reflexology a bit more in detail. Please have a look:




Footreflex Plus therapist diploma @ Total Healthy Academy


Reflexology module: Chinflex professional (Chinese reflexology)

Reflexology module: The woman (complaints related to menstruation cycle and menopause)

Reflexology module: Pregnancy and birth (accompany women during their pregnancy and preparation for  childbirth)


Foundations of Western medicine @ ConAmore


Reflexology module: COVID-19, a route to recovery (supporting clients in their recovery process after covid)


Certified EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique - tapping sequence to release anger, grief, anxiety and other emotions)

Certified Breathwork Instructor  

Lower back pain - a holistic approach

Reflexology module: Reflexology and heel spurs/plantar fasciitis

Reflexology module: Fertility reflexology (special techniques to apply for both the man and the woman to increase fertility)


Reflexology for the treatment of pain (Reflexology to support with autoimmune diseases such as Chron's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Fibromyalgia)

Quantum Touch - Energy Healing Level 1


I love learning new techniques and discover different approaches within reflexology. Regularly updating and expanding my knowledge is extremely important to me.