Fertility treatments

What is natural and straightforward for one couple, is one of the most complex challenges in life for another. An emotional rollercoaster, with ups and downs each month. Some couples may be aware of a potential health problem and consciously start working on resolving it before planning a pregnancy. Others have no idea that there could be an issue when they embark on this journey.

There are numerous possible reasons for reduced fertility, including PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles (with too short follicular or luteal phases), myoma, cysts, emotional complaints, low-quality follicles, insufficient endometrial lining, (multiple) miscarriages, reduced sperm quality, low sperm motility… And sometimes there is no apparent reason. This uncertainty makes the whole process even more emotionally exhausting.

How can reflexology help?


Many couples that are struggling with fertility, are seeking support in complementary therapies like reflexology to promote their health and find a sense of control during this challenging period. 

By applying pressure to different points and zones on the feet, reflexology can improve your well-being, and by reducing physical and psychological barriers, it increases your chances to conceive.

The goal of reflexology treatments will depend on your situation, and can focus on

  • Enhancing overall hormonal balance
  • Optimizing the ovulation
  • Regulating the menstrual cycles so that the follicular / luteal phases become long enough 
  • Improving egg/sperm quality
  • Strengthening of the endometrial lining to support embryo implantation
  • Reducing pain/complaints related to the cycle
  • Unblocking fallopian tubes 
  • Supporting during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (and beyond)
  • Reducing stress and overwhelm, taking care of your mental and emotional health 


Whether you are in a natural cycle or you are following an assisted protocol at your hospital, reflexology can support both you and your partner. 


What do treatments look like?


We always do an intake with targeted questions first, so that I know more about you in order to draw up a suitable treatment plan. The sessions consist of auriculotherapy (ear reflexology) and regular reflexology including meridians on the lower legs. 

In addition to reflexology, I will also offer you a lot of extra support in the field of lifestyle choices, nutrition, breathing etc.

While there is no guarantee of pregnancy, I am happy to support you increasing your fertility naturally.


When is it recommended to start treatments and how often?


Ideally, you can start coming as soon as you feel you could use some extra support during your journey. Regular treatments for about 3 full cycles can already do a lot for hormonal balance. 

I suggest scheduling 2 treatments each month in the follicular phase (before ovulation, where 1 out of the 2 treatments is as close to ovulation as possible), and at least 1 in the luteal phase. 

The first appointment with intake takes about 90 minutes, including a first treatment. After that, each regular session lasts about 50 minutes, and sometimes we will plan extended sessions of 70 minutes to include ear reflexology or to learn a breathing technique etc. We will always discuss this in advance so you are aware of the costs. 

If you are at the beginning of your fertility journey (but also if you are not), I am offering a package of 10 treatments covering a 3 months period. This provides optimal preparation and support for your body (and mind) before pregnancy. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in booking the package option. 


Is reflexology also helpful when in a IUI, IVF of ICSI project?


Absolutely. Best is to start regular treatments about 3 months before your first medical intervention. In this case we do not work on the hormones, and reflexology is applied as complementary support. There is more focus on the egg collection, embryo transfer and  relaxation afterwards (While following the protocol, 2 treatments per cycle are recommended). 


Do you have further questions? Send me an e-mail or call me and we can discuss further details.