Elevate your wellbeing!


Spend an insightful and inspiring evening with like-minded people and learn easy-to-apply techniques and tools that will help you to manage and reduce stress, find balance and thrive again. Connect your mind and body.

It will be an interactive evening with your active participation:) 

What will you learn?

  • Reflexology techniques you can use on your own feet, including acupressure points, promoting relaxation, and reducing stress.
  • Your values, purpose, and inner joy to reconnect with your true self.
  • Breathing techniques that take only a few minutes can bring instant relief.
  • To say NO or let GO when you question all your decisions and feel stuck in your head.
  • A tapping sequence that enables you to change and rebalance your energy system purely with the help of your fingertips.
  • The power of gratitude and reframe the statement of your inner critic to prevent long-term stress and avoid burnout.

You will directly experience how you can take charge of your well-being.

This workshop is for you if you

  • Wear many different “hats” all the time and juggle between things to do
  • Are constantly busy and on the go, with little to no time to spend on yourself
  • Have the feeling that you are chased and have too many things on your mind at all times
  • Have a difficulty focusing and concentrating and cannot find your mind’s “off” button
  • Are not sure what makes you happy

Come and be inspired!